I’m taking a few online courses throughout the year, at the present the course is called “The Science of Happiness” Berkeley X on line at Edx.com, the courses there are free for anyone that wants to learn. Today I’m also starting a course on English Grammar and Style.

One interesting notion I’ve heard in the Happiness course is as follows; Happiness in adult  life is often determined by happiness as a child. I must admit I agree with that statement a whole lot, however I do believe that if one person had an unhappy childhood he/she can become a happy person as an adult, it does take more work than an otherwise happy childhood. I’ve also personally observed that a seemingly happy person/ comedian can hide behind humor masking an unhappy childhood or adolescent time in their lives. I’ve also observed from personal experiences and interactions the following; super sensitive people (me most of my life) read facial and body language very easily and/or have a heightened sensitivity to people’s “spiritual energy” so to speak. They tend to be offended easily and come from a offensive strategy of life when around people even if deep down in their hearts secretary they hate that strategy. It is my opinion but I’m not a certified expert, only a person that has life experience in such areas, that these fine tuned qualities (or some would call them curses), come from childhood, developed during childhood in order to predict their bullies/ predator/abuser’s next move. That takes a lot of observation for a child to have to do and a whole lot of pain for a child to be exposed to.

But let’s get back to the happiness subject. One adult is capable of learning true happiness even if the childhood age was tragically void of such emotion. It does take time and great effort to get there but it’s possible, unless you’re the type of personality one of my brothers has, when as a child all pain rolled off his back like water on a duck’s back. I call that a superpower:)

It is very important as parents to allow happiness and contentment to develop in our children but please don’t mistake that for spoiling a child, which in my opinion is a high detriment to a child and the future society that has to deal with such a child when he/she grows up.

I wish you a happy and content day (there’s a difference between the two), but ultimately I wish you a day full of peace and blessings:)

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