Killing death

How do you kill death? By living. No, I didn’t say by surviving and being miserable. By living and living a contented form of happiness.

I had a  night vision last night. It was so real, when I woke up I was deeply surprised the whole thing was a vision only. Very much so. All details of home and family were as they are in real life, down to colors, shapes and the floor plan.

When I don’t feel well I sleep in the living-room, on our gray futon. Last night, out of the blue I began feeling violent nausea waves (maybe from the heat). I tossed and turned- as one often does when not feeling at its best- only to fall asleep eventually. That’s when it came- the vision- real as it can be.

I was lying on the gray futon, very ill. Merrill, my oldest son came out of one bedroom- where he sleeps when he visits- dressed and ready to leave back to his place. (Not visiting at present). Bending down he gave me a big hug.

“Love you mom. So good to see you! Have a good day.”

“Help me, Merrill.” But my efforts came out like a blurred mumble. He made it to the door, about to leave but hesitated, then came back and hugged me again repeating his love.

“Help me, Merrill.”

“What’s that mom?” I had no strength left, so I gathered what little I had and said.

“Get dad.” Instantly my boy knew something was off. He disappeared through the master bedroom door while my other children walked in the living room and had a seat on my right, on the leather sofa. I began vomiting non-stop, a foamy white stuff, and kept vomiting.

Then I saw him- Fanu- my ten year old brother who died a few years back.

“It’s not a good sign.” I though. “I’m hallucinating.” But Fanu’s partial ghost (smoke vapor) like appearance changed. He became a solid and complete form, a ten year old, very healthy looking boy and took a seat on the side of my bed looking me in the eyes the way I did when he laid dying, suffering in his hospital bed. There was kindness there and just a certainty. He reached out and took my right hand and I marveled to the fact that after all these years I was able to feel my brother again. I held his hand and kept looking into his eyes. I knew. He was there for me.

“Chet- who by now came into the living-room and stood next to Merrill- Fanu’s here.” I said.

“Fanu, can you believe how much your brother (blood relation to my son Merrill) grew? Can you believe how much your sister grew as well? And you’ve never met your little brother, Alex.” Fanu looked at Merrill, Meleah and Alex then turned to me. He had a mission, he was there for me. He never let go of my hand for the rest of the vision. Supported by his hand I got up- my soul separated from my body- and floating only inches above ground, I let Fanu lead me away from the apartment through the exit door. I heard the sudden cry of my family behind me as they realized I just died, but never looked back.

We floated above ground along the hallways and all the way outside of the apartment building, down the sidewalks, passed stores and buildings into a foreign part of town/world.

“I still feel nausea, Fanu.”

“Your soul has the memory of your body. There’s an adjustment time. But you’re not feeling anything anymore. (Meaning no more pain).” All this was communicated without moving our lips. As we moved/ flew barely inches above ground I noticed how normal things looked, except the souls- dead people- that were quiet and minding their own business, dressed in clothes. The battered bodies were left behind on earth so they looked normal. We made it through a clothing wearhouse. Fanu picked a cell phone off the floor and tossed it gently on a pile of brand new clothes, waiting their turn to be moved onto store shelves. The action attracted attention of a living (body and soul), young lady with a small ponytail, and she began following.

“Do something, Fanu.”

With telekinesis powers he shut the door, shutting the girl behind as we continued our journey to…and that’s when I realize. I had no idea where Fanu was taking me. Then I woke up.

For some of you this is nothing short of an interesting event that happen, for other is a scary and somewhat hard to believe occurrence. Yet others may feel sad, thinking I’m going to die soon.

I’ll die one day, but not yet, not yet. The vomit is a release of illness/ toxic thoughts/ toxic emotions process. I was told that a curse of death was put on me, but God has other plans. Fanu, in my understanding was Jesus who showed up in a form I would not be frightened of, took me by the hand when I was too ill to stand on my own and is moving (along earth still, not up in the heavens yet) to another area/another destination.

This is how I understand- with the help of a few friends- God’s cleansing away all disease/toxins and helping me along to another destination in my life. If you have other insights to this vision, please don’t keep it to yourself but share it with me:)

Thank you God for your help and protection!!!!!! Love you!

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