Killing death- update

I’ve been meditating and researching the details of this vision and I’ve come to the conclusion that it was not a positive experience. A lot of hidden negative clues have been splashed through the whole thing.

I am changing my original opinions on the vision. I had the choice of deleting the post or admitting I got this one wrong. I chose the latter. We don’t always get it right. In this particular case, I didn’t. The meaning is dark and has meant to frighten me and keep me in a fear zone, however, I refuse to be intimidated. This is a good case of seeing in the spirit realm, but dealing with the dark end of the deal, not just the good stuff.

I wish I could pick only the good, but the truth is, I can’t. So I have to learn and ask questions and reach out to others that have had more experience and look at the obvious as well. Hidden spirits using the images of loved one is like an ultimate betrayal, in my opinion.

I’ll continue to research and learn so next time I’ll catch it right away.

Have a good day.

God bless.

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