The “beauty glow” of Lyme


Photo above: new treatment for Lyme and co-infections. Burner protocol (Lyme 2) I always take it with Burbur-Pinella (helps with any hers reactions, in fact it keeps me from having one), Sida is for Babesia and I take it with Burbur detox as well, the Crypto-Plus is a Microbial tincture I usually take it with Pectasol C (not in the picture), Chlorella and Chlorophil are detoxing agents for mercury residue and other toxicity in the body. In addition I take Vit. C, D, B-stress complex, magnesium, Omega’s, Turmeric, and Progesterone cream.

My family’s story is unique to us, but I realize its not an unique story in the grand scale of things. These past few weeks, I’ve tried to paint an image of God’s blessings in our lives, depsite the hardships and disappointments.

I had time to write due to a relapse of the Babesia Duncani parasite somewhat like malaria, a co-infection pathogen of Lyme, that needs a different treatment than Lyme. The best treatment for me is either Artesunate IVs, but since my veins have been collapsing lately, I moved on to my second favorite and far less expensive treatment called Sida Plus Liquid Extract (tincture). It really works, even if a tad slower than an IV, but that’s fine with me. To say that I’m tired of needles is an understatement.

Speaking on behalf of Lyme sufferers, this battle is not a walk in the park, its more like swimming across the Atlantic Ocean expecting not to drown in the process. A bit unrealistic and far harder than it looks. Amids all the pain, neaurological issues and emotional turmoil, to hear the phrase:”But you don’t look sick” it’s demoralizing. I’ve heard that sentence many times, however I realized after a while, that I had the “beauty glow”, a glow you get when you’re a bit flushed, except Lyme fighters have a fever 90% of the time, usually a low fever. I either got the glow or the ghostly white look, it was usually in those two extremes. I love the glow:) But I wish I could zip off my skin and show everyone, on a molecular level, the intense battle going on inside. However, since I removed my mercury fillings I recover faster and I am stronger, even in my weak moments. We’re moving, thus the stress. In addition I’m going through the mercury residue detox, which usually can last up to six months. But it gave me an opportunity to share some memories with you, and I’ll continue to do so now and than, because I have more people in my life towards whom I feel gratitude.

I’ll add some Lyme humor and I know some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about:)

Before Lyme; Normal urine color.

After Lyme: I’m urinating blood because I ran out of the yellow color:)

Before Lyme: Garlic was a delicious ingredient in all my cooking.

After Lyme: Herx reaction inducer.

Before Lyme: Gluten was my best friend.

After Lyme: Gluten betrayed me deeply sending me to the ER, making me look nine months pregnant within 3 minutes after consumption while feeling 140 years old. The joint pain has been by far the biggest blow.

Before Lyme: Loosing my hair was a rarity.

After Lyme: I can make a pillow from the hair I lost last months alone.

Before Lyme: You gorgeous eyelashes, you:)

After Lyme: Who stole my eyelashes? Better bring them back!

Before Lyme: Desert was the thing to look forward to:)

After Lyme: Sugar is the priest above my coffin.

Before Lyme: What rashes? Never had those things.

After Lyme: Og my gosh! What happened to my skin! It for sneezed on by pink spots!

Before Lyme: Loved the crowds.

After Lyme: Hiding in my room is my favorite social activity.

Before Lyme: I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember.

After Lyme: What…. is there…words…nothing…bed.

To all the Lyme sufferers, have a good day today, you know, you new definition of a good day:)


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