The road to finding health-Part 5

For context read Parts 1-4

Part 5

Sheez! This is a sad subject I chose to write about! I’d rather tell you a joke or something funny than keep going. I’m happy and content in my life so it’s hard to dwell on these matters. But something deep within me hears another’s cry out for help.

“Waking Up to Anger

Because anger is an expression of individuality, it’s the emotion that emotionally immature parents most often punish their children for having. But anger can be a helpful emotion because it gives people energy to do things differently and lets them see themselves as worthy of sticking up for. It’s often a good sign when overly responsible, anxious, or depressed people begin to be consciously aware of feeling angry. It indicates that their true self is coming to the fore and that they’re beginning to care about themselves.”

“Feeling guilty for being unhappy.” In one sentence; “They struggle with feelings of selfishness for wanting something more in life.” I used to be that person. I carried enormous guilt if I purchased a piece of clothing for myself as if I directly stole food off poor people’s tables all over the world and God was going to smite me for being so selfish. I’m not talking about excessive spending. I’m talking about wearing one pair of jeans for 8 years and my hubby dragging me inside a mall so I would buy more jeans only to return to my old pair for another two years meanwhile suffering immense guilt over the wasted money. Now that’s an imbalance, usually caused by being taught that others are more important than you are, and these “others” deserve more than you ever will. But I’ve learned there is a time for everything. Meaning- balance is important. (Ephesians 4:26).

You know… maybe this wasn’t such a great choice of books and subjects to talk and write about it. I’m struggling to want to keep going. It’s too sad. Don’t you think? Let me know.

Note: All quotes were taken out of the book “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents “by Lindsey C. Gibson

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