My first Uber service experience

Since some symptoms have returned (tingling in right fingertips, fever, joint pain, muscle soreness, vision clarity decrease, ability to retain info decreased, irritability increased, itchy spots on the body, headaches, confusion, feeling as if I have nose bleeds, fatigue and left side pain under the ribs ) I knew it was time to re-enter the realm of IV’s. I’ve missed about three weeks of treatment due to us moving. Since I no longer have my friend Elizabeth living close by I had to turn to another realm, Uber services. But Uber, although pleasant was nothing like the special bond of friendship Elizabeth brought on our drives to and from every IV treatment.

It’s very similar to a taxi service, minus the bars (in some parts of the country), clean interiors and very nice drivers. First driver picked me up in front of the apartment building, and we had a great conversation all the way to Bellevue. I found out he’s from Ethiopia, and all other info I’ll keep confidential for his sake. On the way back the second driver told me he was from Africa (yes I know Africa is a continent, a big continent at that, but since that’s all the info he was willing to give to a stranger, go figure, I wasn’t about to pry).

I walked away with one important piece of information the second driver told me, a recipe for general good health that he uses, and from what I understood people in his country use as well. A mix of organic, pure honey (not the crummy industrial type), fresh ginger, garlic, black cumin seeds and if too strong for any beginner, some water. Every morning you take a teaspoon of the mix on an empty stomach, before even brushing your teeth and don’t eat for one hour. It keeps your immune system fired up for the whole day. Besides brushing his teeth he uses a particular type of wood stick to chew and rub on his teeth throughout the day, sold only in ethnic stores. He hasn’t gone to a doctor or dentist in ten years.

“I don’t have the need to, this keeps me healthy and organic food.” I love it!

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