Prima fotografie de la stings: Iulian, Alex, Mia si Tibi

A doua photografie: Nicole ca mireasa:)

A treia photografie: Tibi ca mire:)

Tibi, poreclit Leo sau Leul, datorita parului blond, masiv si bogat cu care sa nascut a fost un baiat retras. In timpul travaliului, mama a impins mult, pentru ca lui Tibi i-a placut la caldura mai degraba. “A fost puturos, a trebuit eu sa fac totul si nu ma ajutat cu nimic.” Spunea mama intr-una din zile. “Cind a iesit, avea parul asa bogat si ii statea drept in sus ca la un leu.” A adaugat ea. E adevarat ca Leo, daca ar avea de alege, sar relaxa in fata unei farfurii cu mincare imprejurat de cei dragi, lucrul care-l admir:)

Numarul opt in familie, Leo este un tip cugetator, cu o latura peotica si romantica a vedea viata, o latura pozitiva din punctul meu de vedere. Leo are un tip diplomatic de a vorbi si face pe fiecare sa se simta valoros cind el vorbeste. Are tendinta de a vedea partea pozitiva a vietii si uita repede partile negative ale abuzului din trecut. Tibi vede tot timpul partea buna a unui om, si nu ma mira ca in final sta asa aproape de Sergiu, care are un caracter similar:)

Intr-o vacanta in timpul liceului a plecat in Germania cu Flesh la Sergiu, unde Flesh a devenit starul intr-o echipa de fotbal si Leo a devenit portar pe o perioda scurta de timp. El era interest mai degraba in fructele si sucul servit la sfirsitul antrenamentului, decit de sport.

Dupa ce a terminat liceul in Hunedoara, a plecat in Bucuresti si a facut facultatea la tourism management. De acolo, batut de dragoste a plecat in Oltenia unde a “inteles ca femeile is periculoase:)” Impins de pericol sa reintors in Hunedoara unde la intimpinat un tata rece. De acolo sa mutat la Timisoara, unde a avut diverse posturile de munca printre care si chelner. Intr-un an Chet cu Merrill, au zburat in Romania, la Timisoara mai exact, cu lucru, si Chet a mincat la restaurantul unde Leo lucra. Mi-a zis ca a fost cea mai buna experienta pe care a avut-o cu un chelner, experienta de prima clasa. Tot in Timisoara, intr-o cafenea lucra Nicole si asa a intilnit-o si sa cam indragostit de ea:) Dupa citiva ani de curtare sau casatorit in Timisoara, si imediat dupa nunta sau mutat in Berlin, Germania, la Sergiu. Au fost ajutat-ti mult de Sergiu cu actele si post de munca si acuma stau legal in Germania si cu post de lucru, si au putut sa se mute la un apartament. Impreauna au un baiat de 6 luni cu planuri pentru marirea familiei in viitor:)

In familia noastra e stiut si apreciat de talentul lui de a scrie poezii. Intr-o buna zi sper sa vad o carte publicata de poezii sau poate  vom face o colaborare pe viitor si vom scrie ceva impreuna:)

Rinduri de poezie scrise de Leo,  mie:)

Chiar si daca esti departe

Amandoi vom scrie-o carte

Sa scriem una mai mica?

La-nceput o carticica?

Sa nu ne fortam prea tare

Ca o sa-avem tensiune mare

Stim exact ce-i de facut

Sa o luam de la-nceput.

Leo vorbeste doua limbi jumate:) Romana, Engleza si jumate din Germana, dar nu-i bai ca o invata el pe toata curind:)

Deabea astept sa vad ce-i va aduce viitorul si celebrez impreuna cu el successful lui:)

Tibi the Lion


First picture: Left to Right; Iulian, Leo and Alex.

Second picture; Leo, Denis his little boy and Nicole:)

Leo the Lion, that’s his nickname. Leo is short for lion. It comes from his dense golden hair he was born with, sticking straight up and giving him the look of a lion’s mane. Apparently my mother had to push quite a bit with Leo while in labor, because he loved the warmth of the womb and was in no hurry to come out. To this day I think Leo would much rather relax in front of a nice meal with loved ones than stress over other things.

Born number eight in our family, Tibi is more of an observer with a poetic talent showing great amounts of respect for humanity in general. There’s a touch of diplomatic language in Leo’s vocabulary and he tends to see the positive side of life, despite the abuse he also endured. He too has a fantastic ability to forget the bad stuff and focus on the good side of life, with an ease most people find charming. No wonder Leo and Sergiu ended up living closer to each other, their personalities are so very similar, along with their looks:)

One summer vacation, while in high school, Flesh and Leo went to visit Sergiu where Leo became a goalie, for a short period of time, in the same soccer team Flesh played. Unlike Flesh, Leo was more interested in the produce served after practice than the game itself and found himself kicked off the team soon after.

Right after high school, back in Hunedoara, he left for Bucuresti attending collage in tourism management. I have to point out one important fact I forgot to mention in the earlier posts: every single one of my siblings who attended collage did so on their own financial efforts, including boarding, food, and other expenses. To this day I wonder how they managed? I know Sergiu paid for two of my brother’s collages, but I can’t remember quite well which two. I also know that Sergiu helped out my brother’s with pocket money, Alin helped with housing and food and I helped with money now and then, focusing mostly on my parents  for many years. I helped my brothers far more once they were married. Okay, back to our story:)

After collage, moved by love Leo moved in Oltenia where he learned “that women were dangerous.” Next he came back home where he was met with a cold shoulder by my father which pushed him to find work and move to Timisoara. There he worked in a few places, mostly as a waiter, and according to Chet, whom in one of his visits to Timisoara ate at the same restaurant Leo worked in, he was the best and most polished waiter Chet encountered.

Leo met Nicole, his wife, while she worked as a waitress in another cafe and after few years of courting they married. Right after the wedding they left Romania and moved in with Sergiu and Brigitte, who just bought a house in Berlin, Germany. Sergiu helped them with the paperwork process, making their stay legal. He also provided Leo with a job in the same company Sergiu is the COO. A year later they moved out on their own and had a little boy, bringing us to date. They’re planing on expending their family soon and I can’t wait to see what else lies in their future.

In our family Leo is known for his great poetic gift, and he writes poems with great talent. Hopefully soon he can publish his own book of poems or Leo and I can collaborate on a book together. That would be fantastic:)

P.S Leo speaks 2 1/5 languages:) Romanian, English and half of German thus far:)