Oana Baby


Prima fotografie; 1993 Oana cu mine

A doua fotografie: Gemenle lui Oana si Alex, Sara si Rebeca

A treia fotografie: nunta:)

Numarul doisprezece si ultima, Oana e cea mai mica si nu conteaza cit de puternica arata pentru noi va ramine tot timpul “cea mai mica”:) Inca de mica, Oana a invatat foarte repede cum sa-l invirta pe tata, care avea o slabiciune fata de “febletea” lui si a folosit aceasta fara hesitatie. In episoadele “de furie” a tatalui Oana statea tacuta si la distanta, dar sint sigura ca nu i-a fost usor vazind fratii ei abuzati.

Din anii frageti ai adolescentei, Oana, fortata de absenta mamei, a luat rolul matern, spalind in casa, facind curat, facind mincare etc. A trebuit sa invete de mica sa-si impuna punctul de vedere si nu sa lasat calcata in picioare, dind instructii fratilor ei des. Oana este opinionata si stie ce vrea in viata.

Dupa liceu, Oana a lucrat pe o perioada scurta de timp ca chelnerita la un restaurant, dupa care a plecat in Italia/ Roma sa-si ajute sora mai mare, care lucra ore lungi si schimb de noapte dese ori ca asistenta medicala. Asa a avut Oana grija de copii lui Delia, ¬†facind curat si mincare. Oana si-a dat seama ca viata domestica ca mamica si sotie e pentru ea. Prin aceeasi site “Pom Verde” Oana l-a intilnit pe Alex, si nunta a avut loc in 2014, o nunta la care nu am putut participa din cauza bolii.

Viata financiara dupa nunta a fost cam great, ceva tipic in Romania, si Alex si-a extins viziunea dupa loc de munca spre tarile straine din Europa. A gasit un post de munca in Germania, la Munchen si a fost fortat sa-si lase sotia insarcinata in Romania cu parintii lui, vazindu-se numai prin vizite rare.

Alin, care pina acum sa stabilit foarte bine in Ulm, Germania, la numai o ora de Munich, il vizita pe Alex cind putea. Cartierul sarac si primejdious in care locuia Alex cu alti romani, l-a facut sa-i caute urgent un alt loc de munca. I-a gasit unul in Ulm, si Alex sa mutat la Alin. Oana a venit si ea imediat. Citeva luni (cred ca patru) mai tirziu, Oana a nascut fete gemene, o raritate atit in familia noastra cit si in familia lui Alex. De fapt nu stim sa fi avut gemeni in neamul nostru sau a lui Alex. Cele mai fericite momente in viata lui Oana au fost atit la nunta ei, dar in deosebi cind si-a tinut in brate fetele dupa nastere. Alex, care a dorit fete in loc de baieti era in culmea fericirii. Alin era si el in culmea fericirii ca unchi, si privilejiul de asi vedea familia crescind in numar.

Dupa ceva timp Oana si Alex s-au putut muta la locul lor, intr-un apartament mare. Oana e o fata foarte harnica. Dar ca bucatar e pur si simplu extraordinar de buna, si burtile lui Alex si a lui Alin, care maninca la Oana aproape zilnic, cresc zilnic ca dovada:) Pe cit e ea de buna la mincare pe atit e de buna la a coace si a face deserturi.

Desi a avut numai un an cind eu am plecat din Romania si o cunosc maj mult din conversatii pe WhatsApp or prin vizitele facute in Romania, in trecut, am primit o doza mare de respect fata de ea cind am auzit ca era insarcinata cu gemeni. Instantaneu am stiut ca Dumnezeu a gasit-o atit vrednica cit si puternica sa fie mama a unui set de gemeni.

Sint mindra de surioara mea cea puternica, si ambitioasa, si le doresc o viata lunga si plina de fericire. Oana si Alex par tare fericiti cu familia lor mica:)

Iti multumesc Doamne asa de mult pentru niste frati si surori atit de buni si speciali:)


Oana the Baby:)



Number twelve, Oana is the baby and no matter how tough she presents herself, to us she’ll always remain the baby:) She’s the last one of the clan and my father’s weakness. Oana learned quickly how to work my father and did so without hesitation:) During his “angry episodes” she stayed away and kept quiet, avoiding getting hurt. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to see her siblings getting hurt, the way they did. Since early adolescence she became a mother figure in the house (since my mother lived mostly in Vilcele) taking care of the house, cleaning, washing, cooking and baking. She bossed her older brothers around any chance she had, standing up for herself or be left out in the dust. Oana learned at an early age to be tough and speak her mind- loudly:) She also had her older brothers there to protect her, if needed, which was a fantastic advantage.

After high-school Oana worked shorty as a waitress at a local restaurant, then went to Italy/Roma and helped out Delia, who worked long hours as a nurse putting long hours in. Oana took care of Delia’s children, cooked and cleaned. Eventually Delia found her a job taking care of an elderly lady, until she got married.

Oana met Alex, her husband, on the same Christian single site “Pom Verde” as her other brothers did with their spouses. The wedding was in 2014, a wedding I could not attend due to illness. Finding work, after the wedding, in Romania was tough and Alex looked for work outside their country’s borders. Eventually he found a job in Munchen, Germany and heavy hearted left a pregnant wife behind in Romania, seeing each other only through rare visits.

Alin, who lived on hour away, visited Alex when possible and upon seeing the shady neighborhood Alex lived in and the poverty level, Alin made its mission to find Alex another job. Eventually he did find one job in Ulm, Germany, and Alex moved in with Alin, able now to bring Oana there and reunite the family. Six months later they had twin girls, an excellent and positive surprise. You see, on either side of the families, we don’t have twins in the gene. The best moments in Oana’s life was holding her girls in her arms right after delivery and she fell instantly in love with her girls. Alex, who wanted girls over boys, got his girls:) Alin gained a family and young nieces as well:)

Eventually they were able to move into their own apartment and together they have a happy life. Alex works as a trucker and Oana loves being a mother and a housewife. Cooking and baking are her specialities and you can tell by the growing bellies of both her husband and Alin’s, who eats there almost daily:)

When I left, Oana was one year old and I only knew about Oana based on the information I received when I talked on the phone with my family or from the few visits we did to Romania. But I gained a lot of respect once I found out she was pregnant with twins. Somehow I saw that as a special blessing God put in her life. Seeing what a good mother and wife she is makes me a proud big sis and even though we haven’t spent a lot of face to face time together, I’m looking forward to do so in the future:)

What an awesome family I have:)

Thank you God for every singe one of my brother and sister:)