Delia cea Frumoasa

IMG_4474 Cu sotul ei, Sami in fotografie.

IMG_4661 Ei cu Delia inainte de a pleca ei in America:)

Nu este o surpriza pentru nimeni frumusetea Deliei, parca a fost facuta intru-un lan plin de flori si cine o vede ori zimbeste ori rivneste frumusetea ei.

A cincea dintre frati si surori, Delia a fost tacuta cind era mica dar si o fire determinata. Datorita distantei intre virstele noastre dar imi imagines si datorita lipsei de maturitate in tinerete din partea mea nu eram prea apropiate una de alta in adolescenta mea si copilaria ei. Ea sa cam pierdut in fundalul zgomotos al fratilor mei. Din fericire tata a avut o sensibilitate asupra fetelor lui si nu prea a fost batuta dar in schimb a fost ranita emotional. Cind ma uitam la Delia vedeam o atmosfera de mister pe fata ei. Delia e greau de citit, dar mi-a placut faptul ca aveam o sora.

Clar, Delia a avut multi admiratori de sexual opus in adolescenta ei dar ea a ramas credinciousa inimii ei si lui Dumnezeu.

Am fost extrem de impresionata cind am aflat ce artista buna e, si Delia a pictat multi pereti la viata ei, chiar si la orfelinatul fratelui Hada:) Mi-ar place sa va arat o fotografie cu o pictura de a ei dar nu am, deci Delia, trebuie sa-mi trimi-ti una:)

Dupa liceu, Delia a facut scoala de asistenta medicala si in cele din urme a ajuns in Italia, la Roma, unde a lucrat multi ani la spitalul Vaticanului in sectia de copii, la cazurile cele mai severe. Acolo a petrecut multe nopti nedormite si ore lungi in picioare. Tot in Italia, la intilnit pe Samin, sotul ei si impreuna au doi copii; o mini Delia si un mini Sami din punctul meu de vedere.

Anul trecut sa-u mutat inapoi in Romania impinsi de dorul de tara si economia slabita a Italiei. Tot anul trecut au inceput constructia casei lor la Marghita, aproape de Oradea si anul acesta a fost de mare ajutor mamei mele care la un moment dat era bolnava grav. Cu ajutorul Deliei, mama sa pus un pic pe picioare.

Ma bucur mult cind o vad fericita si implinita si deabea astept sa vad ce mai are Dumnezeu pentru ea in viitor:)

P.S Delia vorbeste trei limbi (Italiana, Romaneste si Engleza).


Delia the Beautiful


First picture-Me and Delia (and a bit of Marius:)

Second picture- Delia’s family as of today:)

It’s no secret that Delia’s beauty is admired by many:) It’s like she was made in a field of beautiful flowers and everyone smiles when they see her (or gives her envious looks).

Born the fifth one, she was a quiet and very determined girl, in a sea of noisy brothers. She always had a tenacity about her and pushed for the things she wanted. Spared a lot of physical abuse- my father had a weakness for his girls- she endured her share of emotional insults and came out stronger for it.

Due to our age gap and my immaturity at the time, I wasn’t too close to my sister either but I loved having her around. To me she had a aura of mystery about her. Later on we had the opportunity to spend more time with each other and I found out, to my utter surprise, what a fantastic artist she is. Her paintings are absolutely beautiful, wish I had a picture of one of her painting to show it to you.

As you can imagine she had many suitors but she stayed true to her heart and her goals.

She finished nursing school in Romania, found a way to get to Roma, Italy and eventually she worked as a nurse in the Vatican Hospital for many years, in pediatrics more precisely. There she cared for many critical cases, tirelessly pulling many long hours as well as night shifts. In Italy she met and married her love, Sami and together they have two children. Their wedding was absolutely amazing and I had the privilege to be there with Chet:)

Last year they moved back in Romania and built their house, a big project that’s almost done. This year she’s helped tremendously with my ill mother and has been a God sent blessing. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. I’m glad to see her happy:)



Thank God for her life.IMG_4696


Marius Misionarul

IMG_4657In fotografie, Marius e in clasa a doua si Delia in prima clasa, inainte de a deveni pionier al patriei.

Datorita distantei de virsta nu am fost prea apropiata de Marius decit dupa ce ne-am casatorit amindoi, fapt care-l regret.

Nascut al patru-lea, Marius, dupa parerea mea, a trait o adolescenta cam singuratica, dar o copilarie buna, in general. Mama a pierdut o sarcina (un baiat) intre Sergiu si Marius si asta a fost simtita de Marius, cred, prin faptul ca a fost cam marginalizat de cei trei mai mari. Desi Sergiu a fost abuzat cel mai tare, Marius a fost abuzat pe cea mai lunga perioada de timp, inclusiv dupa ce sa casatorit si a trebuit sa ierte foarte mult, lucru care l-am apreciat enorm. Dar ce ma socat in mod pozitv, a fost stilul lui calm de a vorbi in timp ce era abuzat, cu o calmitate si toleranta mare, mai ales dupa ce sa casatorit. A avut si are un refugiu pozitiv in relatia lui cu Veronica, sotia lui, care a intilnit-o in cimpul misionar.

Refugiu lui Marius in adolescenta a fost in biserica unde a realizat multe, incepind ca voluntar la grupa de copii, pe urma pastor de copii la o biserica, pe urma peste oras si pe urma peste judet tot in cimpul misionar pentru copii. A petrecut mii de ore ajutind copii saraci, copii de tigani, copiii starzilor si copii din biserica. Impreuna cu Veronica, Marius are cinci copii. Ca tata, pune mult effort si bani in educatia copiilor lor, si Maria, cea mai mare, la numai 15 ani stie trei limbi si e eleva de nota 10.

Cu citiva ani in urma sau mutat in Austria si recent Marius a inceput productia lui de miere de albine bio, de la stupii lui de albine dar e talentul lui de a negocia care-l deosebeste de altii, fapt care ne-a ajutat ca familie:)

Sint mindra cu cita diplomatie a facut fata abuzului si cit de mult a luptat pentru o viata bine traita si plina de fericire, desi nu usoara de multe ori. Multami Bunului Dumnezeu pentru fratii si surorile mele:)



Marius the Minister

Due to the age gap between us, I haven’t been too close to Marius in his youth and adolescent times, something I regret. I’ve gotten to know Marius better after we both got married.

Born the forth, Marius was abused the longest. To this day my father does not seem too fond of him. The reasons are personal. But what blew my mind and impressed me greatly, was how much Marius had to forgive. He’s forgiven a lot. In the face of violent verbal and at times physical abuse that continued right after he married, Marius’s attitude was that of calm. To this day I’m impressed with his cool collected way of trying to put a fire out. He became a fantastic negotiator pushed, I presume, by the circumstances of his life. He has class and is very successful in his negotiations. Mom lost a boy between Sergiu and Marius and the gap forced a sort of loneliness in Marius’s life. He found refuge in church and soon became very successful as a children’s pastor. That grew into a ministry of itself and soon he moved from overseer in one church, to overseer of the whole city (in the baptist denomination), then overseer in the entire county. He spent many hours helping the poorest of children, street children and gypsy kids. He met Veronica, his wife in the ministry field and together they have five children.

Unlike the poor fatherly example he’d experienced back home, Marius is a great father and invests a lot of time and money into his children’s education. His eldest, Maria, only 15 years old speaks three languages (German, English and Romanian) and his kids are A students- at lest the ones that go to school:) Few years back they moved to Austria, where they currently live and Marius just began selling his own line of organic honey.

I’m very proud of him and his beautiful life:)

P.S. Alin speaks three languages as well and Sergiu speaks two.