Marius the Minister

Due to the age gap between us, I haven’t been too close to Marius in his youth and adolescent times, something I regret. I’ve gotten to know Marius better after we both got married.

Born the forth, Marius was abused the longest. To this day my father does not seem too fond of him. The reasons are personal. But what blew my mind and impressed me greatly, was how much Marius had to forgive. He’s forgiven a lot. In the face of violent verbal and at times physical abuse that continued right after he married, Marius’s attitude was that of calm. To this day I’m impressed with his cool collected way of trying to put a fire out. He became a fantastic negotiator pushed, I presume, by the circumstances of his life. He has class and is very successful in his negotiations. Mom lost a boy between Sergiu and Marius and the gap forced a sort of loneliness in Marius’s life. He found refuge in church and soon became very successful as a children’s pastor. That grew into a ministry of itself and soon he moved from overseer in one church, to overseer of the whole city (in the baptist denomination), then overseer in the entire county. He spent many hours helping the poorest of children, street children and gypsy kids. He met Veronica, his wife in the ministry field and together they have five children.

Unlike the poor fatherly example he’d experienced back home, Marius is a great father and invests a lot of time and money into his children’s education. His eldest, Maria, only 15 years old speaks three languages (German, English and Romanian) and his kids are A students- at lest the ones that go to school:) Few years back they moved to Austria, where they currently live and Marius just began selling his own line of organic honey.

I’m very proud of him and his beautiful life:)

P.S. Alin speaks three languages as well and Sergiu speaks two.

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