You Asked I Answer-Part 1-Depression

Thank you for asking me to write about certain subjects. I’m honored and I’ll try to do my best. After some reflection over the subjects sent my way I came up with a light and funny scenario for our introduction. Relax, chill and enjoy.

“Jesus this is your kid. There’s been a miscommunication in our communication lately, like the past forty years or so, so how can we clear this up properly this time? Do you know your followers? Both the real ones and the pretend ones? They’ve been trained so poorly by other followers of yours and they’re causing some problems in the world.

Where do I start?

You know how you love us and stuff? Well… there are some followers of yours who think they know the formula to your love potion but all that comes out of their lives is this pink-colored shit. It’s pretty to look at but stinks like hell. But then, I’ve never been to hell so I’m assuming that’s how hell smells. Not everyone is bad, but there’s enough of them out there to put a black hole in many souls. Did you guys have a conference or something I missed out on? Cause I’m telling you they speak like they got your memo handed personally to them by your holy hand and no one else’s. You should see the hoops and obstacles they ask us to jump through to get on your good side.

And also, only white, old, fanatic, angry, Pentecostals can get into heaven? Cause that’s what they keep telling us. I’m telling you it’s not only confusing but downright discouraging. And what’s with all the anger? Do you like anger that much? Cause I kind of love, the quiet times and I like to hang out with lots of different people that may not believe the way I do.

And when your followers get sick… let me tell you, they’re treated worst than the stray dogs on the streets. Shouldn’t that be the time your followers should kick in gear and help the ones hurting? That’s what I thought you said in that book everyone worships more than anything, including you. Well, they’re not doing that. Ahh…you already know that? Then why don’t you do something about it? Ahh, they’re not listening. I get that. You should see the conversations I have with my kids most days! I may as well talk to myself in the bathroom mirror, I’ll get more results. I get your frustration.

And all that racism issues happening all over the world… ahh you didn’t do that either? I see. We did that. We’re really stupid, aren’t we? We don’t listen squat to what you tell us. I can see that. You know I have been sick lately. You do. Thank you. So where’s that miracle you keep on promising and hardly delivering? Not happening because I choose to keep messing up my life? Not happening because I keep making the wrong decisions? Man! I can see that. I guess “you should not kill another or cheat on one another, and stuff like that was too hard for us to follow. We should not eat toxic and bad food, and store up hate either. I’ll try to remember that. Well, I’ll leave you to whatever you’re up to cause I’m hungry and I got to cook dinner. Anyhow, nice chatting with you. I’ll be back. Very soon. I promise.
Ohh… God? Some of us are trying our best but we’re scared of the ones that don’t care one way or another. Bye.
One of your many kids, C.

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