We’ve moved.

Sunday we’ve moved and all four of us have been “dancing” between boxes the past two days and it will go like this for a good while. It’s both frustrating and hilarious as we’re trying to find our day to day essentials to live and have to make due with what we find:) Our bodies feel like ground-meat, and we moan and groan quite often. But we’re happy:) Alex set his room up the same day we moved in, that’s how exited he was to have his own space again. Magnolia is a new place to me, hardly familiar, but what I’ve seen so far I love. You can drive from one end to another in 10 minutes and today I drove to Ace Hardware, located six minutes away. It’s a quiet area with a slow paced life and I love that, for now at least. I hope I’m not going to get bored the minute all the un-packing is done. It reminds me of Federal Way, where we used to live but more quaint. I’m doing well, even if very tired. I found a new product that helps me tremendously, called NeuroCalm by Designs for Health. This product helps me keep calm. In fact after 10 minutes of the first intake I felt my muscles and neurological part began to relax and kept me relaxed most of the day without some weird side-effects or grogginess. As you may remember, some of my tests came back showing a deregulation in the neurotransmitters (body can’t seem to make them, and burns way to fast the existing ones), and along with my recent Lyme and co-infections treatment I wrote about in my last post, I believe, this product helps me tremendously.

The past four years of treatment and testing showed me a pattern, a pattern in findings with a main nucleons; weak autoimmune system. This weakening had been caused over the years and by a couple main issues; 1. too much toxicity in the body/tissues like black mold, mercury, fungi and other toxins, 2. lack of neurotransmitters (80% live in the gut) which is directly linked to neaurological issues, and third, gut issues (not enough good bacteria in the gut and an overload of bad bacteria). All these have been proved as major contributors to a weakened (collapsed, in my case) immune system that brought me dangerously close to an early death. I would also add another factor, a toxic soul/emotional self.

So my advise to everyone our there is this; take care of your gut, make sure you have lots of good bacteria growing in there and detox (do it smartly otherwise you could harm yourself), forgive and decide being a happy person is more important than being right and by doing these things you’ll strengthen your immune system. Strong immune system means no disease.

My unpacking break is coming to an end, so I wish you a good day and a Happy Thanksgiving:)

The ingredients in the NeuroCalm are:B-6, B-12, Magnezium, Inositol, Taurine, Chamomile, Gamma-aminobutryic, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Phosphatidylserine. I was prescribed separately almost all of these ingredients after test rezults showed lack in these areas.

God Bless:)

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