Life shall have a say:)

It’s hot. A gay couple in the apartment building next to ours is arguing loudly, unhappy, dropping the f-word every other second and I’m here writing to you.

I got a phone call yesterday, finally, with my CT results: 7mm kidney stone in my right side, 4 cm cysts on each ovary, and a UTI infection. In comparison to what I’ve been through this is not bad, only temporarily through the attack episodes which can get really bad quick, fast and in a hurry:) There will be follow-up appointments to address both issues next month.

But, prayer warriors and well-wishers, I need your prayers again for one of my sister-in-law, Brigitte. Her mom, feeling ill the past few weeks finally went in to see a doctor only to discover she has liver cancer that spread to the lymph nodes. Today she had a heart attack and a stroke. She was put on an induced coma and is on the operating table now: there’s obstruction in one of the veins in her brain causing damage. We’re still waiting for updates. I have peace because I trust God but I’m thankful for the modern medicine and brilliant sergeants, the options we have today and high technology.

My mom is stable and happy, so is my dad. They seem to enjoy each other’s presence during their retirement, as it should be.

Have a blessed day today an don’t forget to take deep breaths, then smile:)

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