The road to finding health-2

Part 2

For context please read Part 1.

Hi, my name is Carmen and I’m an angroholic. Yes, you read that right, angroholic. It’s been a while since my last fit, but this anger lurkes ever so slimy in the background and it’s work on my behalf that keeps it at bay.


noun [ U ]

US  /ˈæŋ.ɡɚ/ UK  /ˈæŋ.ɡər/


strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened:

Out of the many styles of manifested anger, mine is the silent type, the kind of anger I’m too ashamed of feeling because I was thought that it isn’t spiritual or godly to express anger, so it became a hidden danger, a danger when not thought properly turns into resentment.

Is anger bad? Not always. There are certain circumstances in life that require a healthy angry response. For example, if you see your child being bullied or your mom being hit or any other type of injustice. A reaction follows usually out of love and the need to protect. Or if a car starts to slide towards you, you get out of the way since fear shouts out an urgent response to the brain and the brain gives the command: move away from danger. A healthy survival mechanism.

Is chronic anger bad? Yes. Always. It’s about the latter that I will be talking about.

But why so angry? It is this road we’ll travel in this mini-series of mine.

To be continued in Part 3.

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