Unexpected twist

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

Okay, where did this come from? I sat down intent on writing an article on supplements, or Lyme remedies, or MRI updates -all is well;)- but out of nowhere this poem just shot right out of my soul and unto this paper. I am both surprised and a little baffled. It pushed its way into existence with force and speed almost as if to shout “I must be heard!” So here it goes, the rest is dull. (It’s raw and unedited, it wants its authenticity.)

Behind the suffering

lies a naked soul

who loves to cry and loudly soar

and lives to struggle, above it all

it’s made of trouble and also bore.

But suffering is all but done

with happy people. Now it’s gone

on passive pastures full of thorns

that’s where it lies above them all.

From there collects the roasting roars

and gives them meaning, then sends them ashore

a land where happiness but gorges

and laughter cycles on shined poles.

It’s there you’ll find the grateful soul

which brings along their broken roar

it’s there where suffering reveals

its truest colors of bright rubine. -Carmen McKnight

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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